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abou jaafar
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NR 30WLB500S-(CHASSIS-L4B)-No pictures sound ok back light can see for 1,2 second -problem in inverter board (V144-301) faulty one of hight voltage transformers (4006A4250037).


15LD2200 -No pictures -Fuse F1 and C16 or C5(150n) on inverter board.
22LD4200 -Lost picture after diferent time-Dry joints on video procesor IC100 board (17MB10).
22LD4200-No pictures sound ok,no pictures after diferent time CHECK 5v on 17amp07 p/s board if less 3,0 or 1,5replaced C111(25v1000mkgf)
22LD4200 -Lines on the picture Bad conection between PS(PL108) and VIdeo board (PL100) .
22LD4200 -Flashing green line-Green horizontal line flashing across the screen intermittently-Remove resistor R149 on the Input signal board and replace it with Jumper SMD (0
22LD4200 -St-by redlight go green and back to red-Transistor(Q104 Bc548) and Resistor (100oM).
22LD4500U-No sound-Very low sound on terrestial and no sound on Digital or any AV inputs-Replace memory IC302 Type 24LC16.All customer controls are set to minimum on the new IC. Please reset language and all picture controls to normal after replacing the IC.
26LD6200-Lines on the screen,strange picture-Replaced cable from main board to the screen.
26LD6200/32LD6200-No pictures or lost after 10,20sek -replaced inverter board(P.Suplly)17PW11-2 (24Volts)
26LD6200/32LD6200-Unit does not work, standby LED not lighting-Replace Ferrite bead L500 and L501 with a jumper wire.
26LD6600/32LD6600- Looks like no Synchro impulse eeprom fault -Just go in service menu(menu,4,7,2,5) option-Factory reset.
26LD6600/32LD6600- no sound -Reinstate sound settings as follows:
Enter Service mode.Press Menu then 4,7,2,5.
Go to Audio menu.
Select Sound 2. and enter the following values:
Reinstate sound settings as follows.
26LD6600/32LD6600- Lines on the screen -Cable from the main board to screen super glue it.
26LD6600/32LD6600-Lines, no pictures back light present -resoldered IC224 (videoprocesor).
26LD6600/32LD6600 -
28LD5200- No colour Colour drops out after the unit has been running for two to three hours.Resolder capacitor C510 and other components in its vicinity.
32LD9700 -No sound bad conection in PFA1(HDMI board) pin 2 just take it out press and put it back.
32LD9700/42LD9700 -No sound bad soldering on cristal X800 (HDMI board).

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abou jaafar
:: موقوف ::
تاريخ التسجيل: Sep 2009
الدولة: بيروت / لبنان
المشاركات: 5,834
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20pf4121-Sound no picture,eventualy dead set. Replace Cap ce 107,ce 106,Both 1000uf 10v In powersupply board
3.3v had droped to 2.3 on psu conector.


CE32LC4-B-Stuck in st-by tv try to start reley clicking and back to st-by --dry joint on Q656 in power supply beside Two releys


Technosonoc 19" 1908-when you turned it on the red led just started to blink.found this fault to be one of the V20100SG three legged diodes(top of main board on heatsink)replaced and now works fine


IDLCD27TV006-Dead st-by light flashing replaced C330 (25v1000mkf) in power supply.
IDLCD32TV006-Flashing Standby LED No StartUp Check Power Supply 6Volt Line Low At About 4 volt Change C211 1000 UF 25 Volt On PSU
IDLCD32TV006-PSU blown up! stby i.c. FSD200 s/c + 320v print to it burnt out.CH & Son do a kit which i have used and this work very well.It includes i.cs and all items needed,but it is listed under Maxim 11-54. The kit no, is Mod kit 63.
Also i change the following D326(1N4005)/stby opto i.c.
(TCDT1101G) /C356 47mfd/ C213 33mfd /C322 47mfd
63V 105C used.
IDLCD32TV006-FET T300 S/C Dry joint pin 1 chopper tx TR30 (So much for lead free solder!!)
IDLCD32TV006-Stby LED flashes & pulses (tv wont start),Check 1000mfd cap is not bulging,i think its on the 5V sw line.Sorry have not got circuit. Note new cap gets hot, in fact every one of these PSUs faulty or new get very hot
(Poorley thought out PSU!!)
IDLCD32tv006- sound but no picture st/by light flashes quite a few times before the tv powers up f303 2.5amp glass fuse had blown because a transistor had gone.
LCD26TV022HDX -Split screenand horizontal lines,very intermittant! Solution-Connector PL103 drive to screen not properly seated,reinserted plug now all ok

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abou jaafar
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تاريخ التسجيل: Sep 2009
الدولة: بيروت / لبنان
المشاركات: 5,834
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LCD32HD1-St-by light flashing red -low main 5v line replaced C330 in power supply


LV87E-P/N:RLT1720-RU pucture goes off after 5 sekonds faul is in inverter board model( TDK PK07V002400 94V-0 TBD092L-2 EA22B092T ) replaced C20,C21 (25v 1000mkf)


bravia KDL-32F2010 -No sound/pic ,just st,by LED flashing replacing the INVERTERboard cured the fault


32LB130S5-TV not start goes on and off after warms up can start ok some time not-dry joint ,bad soldering on small board 5-volt power suplly on IP610 if not help replaced IP610(STRA6159).

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abou jaafar
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تاريخ التسجيل: Sep 2009
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المشاركات: 5,834
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itachi Hitachi paLsma
42PD3200-NO PICTURES Failure of Y-SUS pcb causes no picture to be displayed.Replace Y-SUS PCB SERVICE KIT.
42PD4200-No lumination bad conection on FORMAT board (Conector EFJ4 Pin 1)
42PD4200-after heating up lost colors like NTSC (Dry joint in tuner board(Q504 left side I501 and all resistors,capasitors between Q504 and I501))
42PD4200-Dead no ST-BY dry joints on JOINT board on PJP1 and PJP2
42PD4200-Front LED blinks orange, but no image on screen.
Check and replace PWB FORMATTER UNIT ASS'Y
42PD5200/5300-dead -check and repaced R005(10oM),R003(10oM),C111(10n) beside T101 5v PS and Optocouple PC101,PC001 and check Transistor for short circuit -Q201(2sk2843)
42PD5200/5300-Noisy transformer-Transformer T501 on the power supply pcb has been established as an individual spare part.
42PD5200/5300-No power on AC--PHOTO COUPLER PC123
42PD5200/5300-No power on AC--DIODE ERA91-02
42PD5200/5300-No power on AC-After some time the plasma display switches itself off. The power LED stays green, but no operation is possible.IC OSK0067
42PD5200/5300-Set works normally but very loud ticking noise emanating from the Power supply panel.-Replace Electrolytic capacitors C016 and C201 on the Power supply board.
42PD6600-SERVICE MENU-"MENU",4,7,2,5
42PD6600-Intermittent no picture after a while or no picture on switch on.Poor soldering on IC224 on the Main board.
42PD6600-Intermittent no picture after a while or no picture--Poor connections between Short LVDS cable between connectors PL101 (daughter board) and PL103 (Main board) .
42PD6600-Picture OK, but no sound from any source --Replace EEPROM IC218 on the main board OR TRY FIRST GO TO SERVICE MENU AND RESET ALL TO FACTORY SETTINGS.
42PD8700 -No pictures sound ok-problem on joint boadr (17DB21) resoldered IC103.
42PD8700-Lines on screen- bad conection on cable from main board to logic board.

42PD7200/7500-Dead no ST-by 5v present -check conection from ( jont board(PJP1) to Power suplly (CN63)) and CNPPS to PJP2 resoldered all pins.
42PD7200/7500-Dead -R003,R005(10oM) .
P42H01-Dead no st-by dry joint in power supply on IC15.
P42H01-After 10-15 minutes sound goes off adn picture Black and White resoldered IC3901 on 9SCALER BOARD).
42px11-no pictures replaced all 3 boards Y-sus,X-sus,Logic
42px11 - lines on screen - two side board faulty TOP and BOTTOM whitch go to the screen(on the left side)
RE-44SZ21-Tinted Picture Shifted to Left -This can be caused by a corrupt e-prom which is usually a result of a noisy STR regulator IC821 on the SMPS.
Please also see the attached typical SVC settings for restoring normal operation
The SVC RCU is part no 105-201M

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abou jaafar
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تاريخ التسجيل: Sep 2009
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